Legendary Sword Durandal Disappears from French Cliff Face

French ‘Excalibur’ sword

A legendary chapter in French history appears to have been ripped out, with the disappearance of the Durandal sword. The ancient blade, nicknamed the “French Excalibur” for its connection to the hero Roland, vanished from its cliff-side resting place in the town of Rocamadour sometime between June 21st and 22nd, 2024. Local authorities are befuddled … Read more

Big Brother 26: Spill the Tea on the Cast Already!

big brother 26 cast

Yo, Big Brother fam! Season 26 is creeping up on us faster than a sneaky backdoor blindside, and we’re all dying to know who’s gonna be battling it out for the win this year. CBS is being tight-lipped about the cast, but that’s not stopping the rumor train from chugging along like Enzo on a … Read more