Viraltag in Depth Review

Hii, today I am going to share my experience with Viraltag. Viraltag is a social media automation tool. It helps you to post on your social media at the best time of the day. The best time might be at night when you are sleeping.

Here are a few articles you may look for the best time to post on different social media.

1. Best time to post on Facebook.
2. Best time to post on Twitter.
3. Best time to post on Pinterest.

We use Viraltag to automate our social media profile and it is very easy. In a few minutes, we will show how easily you can automate your social media profile in just a fraction of time.

We give here a quick idea of how you can automate your social media using Viraltag. After you sign up, you have to connect your social profile in Viraltag.

Viraltag review
Connect with Social Media Profile in Viraltag

Then you choose your best time to post your content. Viraltag gives some recommended time schedule, but you also can add your own timing.

Viraltag review
Best time to post on Social Media in Viraltag

Now time to go on your post and schedule it. Viraltag provides major browser extension to schedule any post. When you click on Viraltag extension, it will automatically load with all images on that post including featured images.


Viraltag Review
Click extension on the browser to schedule your post

Now click on the images you want to share to your social media profile and click button schedule. Now, its done and you go to schedule post section in viraltag, you  will see all your schedule post like

viraltag review
Schedule Post Section

It’s the pretty much all about how to schedule any post in any social media via Viraltag.

Now, it’s time to know all the Pros and Cons about Viraltag. First, we will tell what the things we like about Viraltag.

  1.  Evergreen Content: Viraltag will automatically pick your best content from Evergreen category and post it on social media. It actually helps your followers to engage continuously.

    Viraltag review
    Evergreen Content
  2. Social Inbox: Yes, you can actually communicate with others via Viraltag social inbox features. As far as my knowledge, Viraltag is the only social media automation tools to provide these features in this price range. All-time login to different social media to response other’s query is really time-consuming. Social inbox will save you in these situations.
    viraltag review
    Social inbox features


  3. Report: Without an analysis of your result, you cannot grow your social media profile. Fortunately, Viraltag did this job for us. We just love their report section to measure our growth, how to make a new strategy. Viraltag provides very comprehensively analysis of your social media. Here is an example,
    viraltag review
    Report Section



Now all the above things are what we like about Viraltag. Now this the time for finding cons

  1. Google My Business: Nowadays Google my Business (GMB) is one of the trendings platforms on the internet. Unfortunately, Viraltag doesn’t have such features to post on GMB locations. We know till now many giant social media automation companies didn’t have such features. But, recently we found out such features in SocialBee. We hope Viraltag will implement such features very soon.
  2. Price: Price of Viraltag is still in the high-price zone. If you take the annual plan, then it comes with little benefit. But still, it is on a little bit high priced.

But even though there are few cons, you can still give a try for a few days. Viraltag still offers 14 days free trial without adding credit card. So, grab this 14 days free trial before it’s gone.