27 Ugandan Chungus Funny Memes

ugandan chungus

The Ugandan Chungus has a white underbelly, red fur, two long rabbit ears, a big red stripe going across its chest. They have the two spikes on each fist that … Read more

Top 21 Love Reaction Memes

love reaction memes

We hope everyone faces such a situation. When anyone tries to convey his partner they’ve loved one reaction is so funny. Here is the best collection of love reaction memes … Read more

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15 Best ike Turner Memes – You Must See !!

ike turner memes

Ike Turner was an American musician, songwriter, and record producer. Turner recorded for many of the key R&B record labels of the 1960s and 1950s, including Modern, Chess, Flair, Trumpet and Sue. Here is the ultimate collection … Read more

Top 29 Club Penguin Memes

club penguin memes

Club Penguin is a very popular multiplayer online game. It was started by New Horizon Interactive which is now known as Disney Canada Inc. Normally player used cartoon penguin avatars … Read more